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Founded in 1988, placed in the township which is famous for the plastic and mold in Huangyan, Zhejiang province, Taizhou TaiKong Industrial CO., Ltd. is the first domestic manufacturer of PC water bottle, With the great geographical advantages and resources, the company has been focusing on the researching, developing and producing of the sports bottles and water bottles which are made of tritan material.


Taizhou Space Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is the production of "Zhang Hua" card "chapter" brand Koubei, space cup, baby bottles professional manufacturer, is the first production space Cup manufacturers, and Access to a number of space cup design patents. The company under the new development, mold factory, injection molding workshop, blow molding workshop, printing workshop, independent development and design, from the mold to the finished product, the company developed the first generation of patented products, the second generation, the third generation of space Cup have a sensation in the domestic market, also caused peer imitation, counterfeiting. Companies adhere to the "quality as life, customers in my mind," the quality policy, has won customers around the trust and praise.

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